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Meet Highlights 2014-2015 Season

Below are some highlights of our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. For previous season highlights, click here: 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14


State Games of America Competitors

Lincoln, NE
August 1-2, 2015

Xcel Bronze
Gabrielle:  V (3rd); UB (1st); BB (1st); FX (1st); AA – 36.800 (1st)

Level 7
Kayla:  V (1st); UB (2nd); BB (1st); FX (2nd); AA – 36.000 (1st)

Level 8
Tierney:  V (2nd); UB (2nd); BB (1st); FX (1st); AA – 34.150 (2nd)

Keystone State Games



2015 Regional Qualifiers


Level 10 - Morgan, Amy

Level 9 - Kristiana, Sumer, Allison, Olivia

Level 8 - Abby, Lauren


PA State Meets

Level 9 State Championships
Williamsport, PA
March 28-29, 2015

Allison:  Bars (3rd); Beam (3rd); All Around – 37.075 (3rd)
Kristiana:  Bars (2nd)

Level 6 State Championships
Boiling Springs, PA
April 18-19, 2015

Alexis:  BB (2nd)


Xcel State Championships
Erie, PA
May 2-3, 2015

Xcel Gold
Madelynn:  FX (3rd)



Pink Invitational

Philadelphia, PA
February 27 – March 1, 2015

Level 6
Alyssa:  V (1st); BB (1st); AA – 36.750 (1st)
Alexis:  BB (2nd); AA – 35.375 (3rd)


Level 8
Lauren:  V (3rd); FX (1st); AA – 35.700 (3rd)
Abby:  BB (2nd); FX (1st)
Tierney:  BB (2nd)
Willa:  FX (3rd)



Katie Baldwin

Lancaster, PA
January 30 – February 1, 2015


Level 4
Jailyn:  BB (3rd)
Savannah:  BB (2nd)

Level 6
Alyssa:  V (1st); BB (1st); FX (2nd); AA – 37.525 (1st)
Lyndsey:  V (3rd); UB (3rd); BB (2nd); AA – 37.275 (3rd)
Jennifer:  V (1st); UB (1st); BB (1st); AA – 37.225 (1st)
Alivia:  BB (3rd)

Level 7
Liz:  UB (3rd); BB (2nd); AA – 35.175 (3rd)
Kayla:  V (2nd)

Level 8
Lauren:  V (3rd); BB (1st); FX (2nd); AA – 35.350 (2nd)
Grace D:  UB (2nd); AA – 35.050 (3rd)
Abigail:  FX (3rd)

Level 9
Kristiana:  UB (3rd); BB (3rd); FX (3rd); AA – 35.425 (2nd)
Allison:  V (1st); UB (1st)
Sumer:  UB (2nd); FX (2nd)

Level 10
Morgan:  V (3rd); BB (3rd); FX (3rd); AA – 34.400 (2nd)


Climb High Invitational

Williamsport, PA
January 24-25, 2015

Level 3
Emma:  V (2nd); BB (1st); AA – 36.200 (2nd)
Madeline:  UB (1st); FX (3rd)
Alyssa:  BB (3rd)

Level 4
Melinda:  V (3rd)

Level 6

Jennifer:  V (1st); UB (2nd); BB (1st); FX (2nd); AA – 36.975 (1st)
Lyndsey:  V (3rd); BB (1st); FX (3rd); AA – 36.400 (3rd)
Alivia:  BB (2nd); FX (3rd); AA – 36.125 (3rd)

Level 7
Kayla:  BB (2nd); FX (2nd)

Level 8
Lauren:  V (1st); UB (1st); BB (2nd); FX (1st); AA – 36.350 (1st)
Grace:  V (2nd); UB (2nd); BB (3rd); AA – 35.025 (2nd)
Willa:  FX (2nd)
Tierney:  BB (1st); FX (1st)

Level 9
Allison:  V (1st); UB (2nd); FX (2nd); AA – 35.025 (2nd)
Willow:  UB (1st); BB (1st); AA – 29.775 (1st)

Level 10
Morgan:  V (1st); UB (1st); FX (1st); AA – 34.175 (1st)
Sumer:  BB (1st)


Kristal Uzelac Invitational

Johnstown, PA

December 6-7, 2014

Level 2

Kealani: V (1st); UB (1st); BB (1st); FX (1st); All Around – 36.500 (1st)

Bella: UB (2nd); BB (3rd); FX (2nd); All Around – 34.650 (2nd)

Madalynn: V (3rd); UB (1st); BB (1st); FX (1st); All Around – 34.500 (1st)

Alyssa: BB (2nd)

Trinity: V (1st); BB (2nd); FX (2nd); All Around – 33.550 (2nd)

Taylor: V (2nd); UB (2nd); BB (3rd); FX (3rd); All Around – 33.250 (3rd)


Level 3

Madeline: UB (1st); All Around – 35.100 (3rd)

Hannah: V (2nd)

Kadyn: UB (3rd); All Around – 34.150 (3rd)

Bailey: BB (3rd)

Emma:  BB (3rd)


Level 4

Melinda: V (1st); UB (3rd); FX (3rd); All Around – 35.125 (2nd)

Serena: V (2nd); UB (2nd); FX (2nd); All Around – 34.825 (1st)

Olivia: UB (2nd); BB (2nd)

Jailyn: V (3rd); BB (1st)

McKenna: UB (3rd)

Anna:  V (2nd)


Level 6

Alyssa: V (1st); UB (1st); BB (2nd); FX (2nd); All Around – 37.325 (1st)

Lyndsey: BB (3rd)

Alexis: V (3rd); UB (2nd); FX (3rd); All Around – 35.625 (3rd)

Alivia: UB (3rd); BB (1st)



Level 7

Kayla: V (3rd); BB (1st); FX (2nd); All Around – 35.850 (2nd)

Elizabeth: BB (1st); FX (3rd); All Around – 35.750 (3rd)

Amber: V (3rd); FX (2nd)

Jennifer: UB (2nd)


Level 8

Abigail: V (3rd); BB (1st); FX (1st); All Around – 35.175 (1st)

Lauren: V (1st); FX (2nd); All Around – 34.625 (2nd)

Tierney: BB (2nd); FX (1st); All Around – 34.400 (3rd)

Grace D: UB (1st); All Around – 34.025 (3rd)

Grace R: V (2nd); UB (2nd)

Aleah: FX (3rd)


Level 9

Kristiana: V (1st); UB (1st); BB (1st); FX (1st); All Around – 36.275 (1st)

Allison: V (2nd); UB (2nd); FX (2nd); All Around – 34.775 (2nd)

Sumer: BB (2nd)


Level 10

Morgan: V (1st); UB (2nd); BB (1st); FX (2nd); All Around – 34.975 (1st)

Amy:  V (2nd); UB (1st); BB (2nd); FX (1st); All Around – 34.450 (2nd)


Xcel Bronze

Ayda:  V (1st); UB (2nd); BB (1st); FX (1st); All Around – 34.500 (1st)

Gabrielle: V (3rd); UB (3rd); BB (3rd); FX (3rd); All Around – 31.700 (3rd)


Xcel Gold

Madelyn: UB (1st); FX (1st); All Around – 32.950 (1st)

Alexis: V (3rd); UB (3rd)

Nina:  BB (3rd)


Level 7 Qualifier

Harrisburg, PA

November 23, 2014

Abby:  V (2nd); UB (3rd); BB (2nd); FX (1st); AA – 37.100 (1st)

Grace D.: FX (3rd)

Tierney: BB (2nd)

Lauren: UB (2nd)


Wild Wild West Invitational


Bridgeville, PA

November 21-23, 2014



Level 2

Kealani: V (1st); UB (1st); BB (1st); FX (1st); AA – 36.050 (1st)

Madalyn: V (2nd); UB (2nd); BB (3rd); FX (2nd); AA – 33.950 (2nd)

Alyssa: BB (2nd)


Level 3

Kyleigh: V (1st)

Madeline: UB (1st); AA – 33.950 (2nd)

Emma:  V (1st); AA – 33.825 (3rd)

Alyssa: V (2nd)

Bailey: BB (3rd)


Level 4

Melinda: V (2nd); BB (3rd); FX (3rd); AA – 35.300 (2nd)

Olivia: UB (3rd); BB (2nd)

Serena: V (3rd); UB (2nd)


Level 6

Jennifer: V (3rd); UB (1st); BB (1st); AA – 36.200 (1st)

Alyssa: V (1st); AA – 35.725 (3rd)

Alexis: UB (2nd)

Lyndsey: UB (2nd)



Level 8

Willow: V (2nd); FX (3rd); AA – 32.800 (3rd)


Level 10

Nicole: V (1st); UB (1st); BB (1st); FX (1st); AA – 37.000 (1st)


Amy:  V (2nd); UB (2nd); BB (2nd); FX (2nd); AA – 35.350 (2nd)



Tim Weaver Battlefield Invitational

Level 3

Madeline: V (1st); UB (1st); BB (3rd); FX (1st); AA – 34.550 (1st)


Level 4

Melinda: V (2nd); AA – 36.450 (3rd)


Level 6

Alyssa: V (1st); BB (2nd); FX (2nd); AA – 37.025 (2nd)

Alexis: V (3rd); BB (3rd)

Alivia: UB (3rd)


Level 8

Lauren: AA – 34.725 (3rd)

Grace R: V (3rd)

Abby:  V (1st); BB (2nd); FX (3rd)

Grace D: FX (2nd)


Level 9

Allison: V (2nd); UB (3rd); BB (1st); FX (2nd); AA – 34.800 (1st)

Sumer: UB (2nd); AA – 34.150 (3rd)

Kristiana: UB (1st); AA – 33.325 (3rd)


Level 10

Nicole: V (1st); UB (1st); BB (1st); FX (2nd); AA – 35.300 (1st)

Morgan: V (2nd); FX (1st); AA – 33.800 (2nd)

Amy:  UB (2nd); BB (2nd)





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